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Supreme Nutrition Products



   Supreme Nutrition Products- Are founded on the premise that there are remedies in the plant kingdom for the health problems faced by 21st century human beings.

These amazing herbs are the highest quality and are single ingredients in most cases, found to be clinically effective and researched by Dr. Michael Lebowitz highly recommended by Dr. Springer.

Some of the products used are already common herbs for unique applications, others use herbs that are not well known in the US but used for hundreds of years or more in other cultures.

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Most products are single herbs. In this way, the product is typically better tolerated by the sensitive patient than a product with multiple ingredients.


Often if many herbs are combined in one product, there isn’t enough of the one ingredient the patient needs the most to accomplish the job effectively. Also if the person taking the herb is sensitive to a specific herb in the combination product, it can often ruin the whole product for the person (happening very often in herbal products).


You can see this single herb pattern exhibited in the animal kingdom when an animal is sick and starts ingesting one particular herb to get well, not a combination.


Another factor they recognize is that herbs can greatly vary in quality depending on soil conditions, climate, handling, storage etc. They do not feel a need to duplicate an already commonly existing product (goldenseal, echinacea, etc.) that is already effective (unless they find a new unique application or find a quality difference in the herb itself). Instead, prefer to fill niches where we see the need for a more effective product for a health concern.


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