Many people need to take B vitamins in addition to their food intake. This is due to the intake of processed foods, overgrowth of bacteria, fungus or virus in the intestines, internalized stress, adrenal, energy, blood sugar issues, etc.

Many people who are deficient in B vitamins may not do well with using a low quality supplement that may work for a week and then make you feel bad again. This is because most B Vitamins place extra work on an already overloaded liver to convert the b vitamins into the active enzyme form. Many of the vitamins offered here already contain the active form and are well tolerated for longer periods of time.

Additionally, factors such as genetics, environmental exposures, dietary intake may cause certain B vitamins to be lower than others so we must add them for life and need a high quality and active form.

Thorne has 5 different B complexes which meet these needs. They also have the individual B vitamins in the active form including Vitamin B-2, B-6, B-12 and Folic Acid. 20-60% of us can not efficiently convert our folic acid to the active and needed form.

Taking the right form becomes necessary to maintain a healthy body and metabolism as we age.

Biotics Research B vitamins have also consistently shown to be beneficial for long term support and high quality activated and easy to tolerate and assimilate B complexes. Use the Bio 3 B G for low blood pressure and low blood sugar, the GGG B for high blood pressure and Bio B 100 for 100% of the RDA of B vitamins in the active (co-enzyme) form.

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