Introducing Male Balancer™ supplements

Support for Synthetic Testosterone Detox. To Remove Excess Testosterone

Too much of a hormone creates the same symptoms as not enough due to the body no longer

responding to the hormone. Removal of excess is needed to return the brains signal to release more. The over abundance of testosterone can convert into estrogen and throw off the balance.


Many times Testosterone cream can create trouble. This mix supports detox to clear out synthetic testosterone and allows the pituitary gland in the brain to properly stimulate healthy sexual organ performance.

  • Metacrin-DX
  • BileMin
  • Adaptocrine™
  • ProstaDHT
  • OxiCell™

Introducing Male Saver ™ supplements

Support for Symptoms of Low Testosterone such as: lack of muscle tone, no morning erections, increase belly fat, and low sex drive.

  • ProstaDHT
  • Testanex
  • Estrovite

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