After any and all diseases have been properly diagnosed and treated, repair of the body by stimulating balance and restoration from the damages done by stress is needed. Nutritional care can be of great value in supporting this.

The 5 primary barriers to repairing hormones are:

-Low Adrenal function – check with Metabolic Assessment Form

-Allergies and infections (See

-Blood Test-High Eosinophils ( over 3) and High WBC’s-(White Blood Cells-over 8 or under 5 with chronic infection)
Lack of Essential Fatty acids ( See Blood Test -Triglycerides less than ½ total Cholesterol value)

-Liver and Gallbladder dysfunctions (See Blood Test- ALT and or AST above 26 and check with Metabolic Assessment Form

-Inconsistencies taking vitamins (not taking them 2-3x daily )and not making lifestyle changes long enough to rebalance the system.

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