Some of our favorites Supreme Products can be used to help remove heavy metal excess. 

Takesumi Supreme

Body Guard Supreme

Schisandra Supreme

Thera Supreme

Wild Greens Supreme

Camu Supreme

Many supplements bind to heavy metals in the body to help remove them safely instead of displacing them elsewhere in the body like chelation can do.

Doing the Repair & Clear Program before or while on the Liver Detox step is advised while removing metals to protect the body and improve success.

It is important to note that acute heavy metal poisoning shows up in the blood not just the urine or hair and requires immediate medical attention.

 In all other cases before using any stronger binding substances for example DMSA or DMPS be sure to be checked for immune reactions to mercury.

Call us for information on testing for antibodies against metals and other chemical compounds before using any DMSA or DMPS. The listed supplements are a good support in most cases along with repairing the leaky gut and supporting the liver with the Repair & Clear Program.

Attempting to remove mercury when there are immune antibodies made will create an autoimmune reaction. The immune system may attack the mercury that has been absorbed into the myelin sheath around the nerves in the brain and spinal cord and create a lot of harm called Neuro-autoimmunity. This would be creating an auto-immune attack on their nervous system every time they received chelation.

Cyrex Labs is confident that this breakthrough technology has the potential to transform doctors’ ability to help their patients’ lives.

With Array 11 they screen for 12 different complexes formed between the body’s tissues and chemicals to identify the presence of any autoimmune involvement.

Examples for metals tested for would be: Mercury Compounds – sources dental amalgams, power plants that leach mercury into water systems which go into our oceans. Mercury can also be vaporized into the air.

Mixed Heavy Metals (Toxic)- Nickel, Cobalt, Cadmium, Lead, Arsenic


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