Key Principles

  • Chronic Stress is very common. When a man or women experience symptoms of Chronic stress, it is wise to identify and remove: low blood sugar and insulin resistance, food sensitivities, allergies, infection, insufficient sleep, etc.


    Both Men and Women can use Adaptocrine™, Adrenal Calm™ for support. Herbs can help support stress additionally to stimulate impacts on the pituitary:

    For Men – 

    For Women – 


    Use Opticrine to help symptoms in last 2 weeks before menses.

  • In women, insulin stimulates testosterone production-Support with Glysen™.
  • If person demonstrates low hormone symptoms but testing shows high hormone levels, excess hormones can be cleared by support and stimulation of liver using Metacrin-DX , BileMin for 30-90 days. NOTE- When you get hormones lowering symptoms will temporarily worse for 2 -4 weeks until the body makes more receptor sites.
  • Receptor overload above expresses symptoms of insufficiency.
  • In men Testosterone protects the heart and estrogen does not.
  • In women Estrogen (estradiol) protects the heart. Testosterone does not.
  • Saliva testing measures free hormones like Cortisol, Estrogen and free Testosterone which are active and blood test measures the bound hormone (inactive), unless test says free.
  • People do not have mental illness, they have evil purposes being acted out or just acting odd because of suppression from an antisocial personality which is obvious because they feel better than worse. This will be the underlying cause of illness, mistakes, accidents and upsets.
  • In men insulin stimulates Testosterone to convert to Estrogen- Support with Testanex**.

** An enzyme called aromatase functions by converting testosterone into estrogen. This occurs normally in peripheral tissue, especially in body fat. Aromatase overactivity is very common, especially in men. As a matter of fact, it is the most common cause of andropause. Andropause refers to a physiological state in which the production of androgen dominant hormones such as testosterone decline. Functional andropause takes place when the ratios between testosterone and other hormones shift. The most common cause of functional andropause occurs when there is a difference in the ratio between serum levels of testosterone and estrogen. For example, a normal serum testosterone to estrogen ratio may be 50:1. Some men with andropause appear to have an 8:1 ratio. These men may have normal lab ranges of testosterone, but their state of estrogen dominance is expressing a low testosterone state. This is usually due to overactive aromatase function which creates a metabolic shift that metabolizes testosterone into estrogens.

When an individual has overactivity of aromatase they will have an abnormal testosterone to estrogen ratio and express signs and symptoms of low androgens such as loss of libido, inability to maintain erections, loss of muscle mass, increase in body fat, sweating attacks, depression, high blood sugar and insulin, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Many times these patients’ abnormal metabolism is missed because only a bioassay of testosterone is completed.

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