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Tinnitus-Ringing In The Ears

TINNITUS- May have many sources. Look for high or low blood pressure, the jaw being misalinged or needing to get an infection in the teeth handled. We have seen fixing the above and giving a high does of emusified vitamin A when the nerve is inflammed for a short period of time helpful too. Below is also possible support along with seeing a chiropractor who knows cranial technique (Applied Kinesiology or Sacro Occipital techniques). Thorne Research: Zinc picolinate –or– 2 caps bid To correct a deficiency Zinc citrate –or– 1 cap bid To correct a deficiency DS Zinc picolinate 1 cap bid To correct a deficiency GB24 1-2 caps tid For tinnitus due to vascular insufficiency Ipriflavone 2 caps tid For tinnitus due to otosclerosis E-500 I cap daily Increase circulation Diagnosis: Perception of sound without any external stimulus. Rule out Meniere’s syndrome, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, otitis media, labyrinthitis, salicylate toxicity, anemia and hypothyroidism.

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