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No more guessing. No more wasting money on the wrong vitamins. No more failures trying to get and feel better. No more taking suggestions from well-meaning but untrained people. Receive an assessment from an expert who has helped thousands be healthier.

Find out exactly which supplements your body needs

Just because everyone seems to be taking a certain trendy vitamin doesn't mean you should. You may not need it. It might even be harmful to your health. Instead, know for certain which vitamins your body needs by using my at-home Health Assessment. At MyVites.com, you can submit tests online that were previously only offered in doctor’s offices. You’ll receive the scientific results immediately. Easy to read and understand, your test results reveal the vitamins and nutrients needed by your body to support your health.

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Each confidential questionnaire takes about 10-20 minutes to fill out and submit. My unique Health Calculator™ software will assess your various symptoms, complaints and health tendencies and evaluate your weakest body system. Immediately you'll find out your weakest link along with the recommended supplements custom tailored for your unique health situation.

Male Metabolic Test

Female Metabolic Test

Neurotransmitters Test

Brain Test

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Metabolic Questionnaire

Metabolism is your body’s complex and sophisticated system of physical and chemical processes that utilize nutrients to produce and maintain every cell, regulate all of its functions, eliminate wastes and provide energy. My Metabolic Assessment Form (MAF) is a study of your personal metabolic traits. Evaluating patterns in your physiological symptoms and activity, the MAF isolates the areas of your body that are not working as they should.

Your nutritional status is assessed to determine where your body is not getting the essential dietary elements that it needs, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids, as well as the metabolic fuels, like glucose, which fuel your metabolism and your body. This in turn reveals areas of imbalances or your weakest link which can then be addressed with the exact correct high quality supplements.

Fill out and submit the MAF – Male MAF or Female MAF and find out immediately your weakest body area with the specific supplements recommended to begin repairing that body system. Buy and use the suggested supplements to start feeling better. It’s that simple.

Neurotransmitter Questionnaire

Neurotransmitters are chemicals by which a nerve cell communicates with another nerve cell or with a muscle or organ. Your brain is the most marvelously sophisticated organ in your body. My Neurotransmitter Assessment Form (NTAF) helps to pinpoint nutrient deficiencies in your brain or nerves which are impeding neuro-messages and interfering with all body functions to that degree. Like my other tests; the NTAF evaluates symptoms and patterns to find the weakest link in your nervous system.

When you fill out the NTAF and submit it, you’ll get instant results with the recommended supplements. In a matter of minutes you’ll find out if the other supplements you have been taking are really worth your time and money and you’ll be on the road to improve your mental focus and clarity.

Blood Test Evaluation

Blood tests are a diagnostic tool that conventional medicine got right for detection of trouble areas in the human body. We are indebted to them for developing this tool. However, they fall short in their analysis of a blood profile because their long years of training as doctors omitted the most important subject – Nutrition! When a conventional medical doctor locates trouble areas in your body, they recommend drugs that may alter your symptoms, but don’t address the cause of the problem.

Since you are here reading this, I know you already are aware of this shortcoming in conventional medicine. My analysis of your blood chemistry profile tells a lot about the weak areas of your physiology and more importantly which supplements will help rebuild your body to its natural healthy state. It has taken me years of research with patients in my clinic to develop and refine the right combinations of supplements that effectively strengthen the weakest links in the body’s chain of interdependent systems.

Up until recently, this degree of personalized testing could only be done in my clinic. I have developed a system for analyzing a blood profile from your responses to my questions and the results of your most recent blood test. The next time you have blood work drawn, request a copy of your results and fill out MyVites blood test evaluation here. You will receive your results along with a personalized dietary and supplement protocol to guide you in fixing your weakest link. Improving your weakest system will in turn strengthen your entire body.

Child Neurotransmitter Questionnaire

Is your child having trouble concentrating, or perhaps even sleeping? Do they suffer from anxiety or depression? A conventional medical doctor’s treatment would most likely be to prescribe dangerous drugs such as Ritalin or Adderall. Beware! The side effects of these drugs have proven to be devastating and even deadly. You can help your child naturally with nutrition and the correct supplements.

My Child Neurotransmitter Questionnaire can help pinpoint areas of your child’s neurological health that can affect so many facets of their development and their lives. Submit the confidential questionnaire to us; you’ll receive a supplement and dietary protocol for your child. Locating and fixing your child’s weakest leak can improve his life in ways that you can’t begin to imagine.

Find your child’s weakest link by filling out this Child Neurotransmitter Nutrition Questionnaire here.

Brain Comprehensive Evaluation

Are you having trouble recalling memories, experiencing a lack of mental clarity or focus? If so, then you should assess your Brain Health and Nutrition here. A nutritional imbalance in your brain can wreak havoc on your life, causing depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, and even insomnia or agitation.

Your brain is Control Central for all of your body’s systems by way of messages sent and received through your nervous system. Every muscle and organ, right down to the cellular level, depends on the brain for proper coordination and function in the sophisticated symphony that is the human body. Your metabolism, hormones, immunity and countless other areas are influenced by the health of your brain.

When your brain begins to degrade, which is a vast problem in society today, you become someone other than your optimal self. Our neurons are attacked daily by pollution, inflammatory diseases, and imbalances in blood sugar. If there are nutritional deficiencies or lack of correct stimulation to your brain, this can affect your cognitive processes, your emotions and even your perception of the world around you. This is the most important organ. Getting and keeping your brain in optimal condition will enhance the quality of your health and your entire life.

Assess your Brain Health and Nutrition