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OUR PHILOSOPHY- To Encourage You to Understand and Improve with the Use of MyVites products and Health Tools

 No one can tell you how alive and well you are until they delve with you into what the ideals for your body are and help you discover your power to heal your self.  We encourage you to decide to Be Healthy and then give you an easy way to improve by allowing you to Understand Health!

Here we have the difference between Sick Care and Health Care.

HEALTH- a balance of all the systems of the body, the nervous, muscular, skelaral, circulatory,digestive, lymphatic, hormonal and all other systems.

We have an exclusive eBook to learn the structure, function, causes of loss of health and natural ways to improve the health of these systems!

 Find and Fix Your Weakest Link that Interferes with Your Health.  Absense of symptoms is not health. A medical doctor is an allopath. M.D.'s for the most part are not trained to find out why you do not feel healthy, and how to get you to 100% Health, they are thankfully trained in finding out why you are sick and how to treat you once you have an illness and disease.

Allopathic Medicince is a system of medical practice that aims to combat disease by use of remedies (as drugs or surgery) producing effects different from or incompatible with those produced by the disease being treated.

Free Health Book

Compare that with the above definition and follow the steps we give here and you may find a change in many aspects of your body that you did not know were even possible using our Free Health Book


It all starts with finding the causes before they become diseases. The 3 stages of health decline begins as silent, become symptomatic and then if not correctly found and the needed lifestyle changes made, become a disease which then appear out of the medical reference range on Blood tests.

I have designed this site to help you find and treat the causes. Being a good doctor means being a good detective.

Together, We find the areas that are the most obvious but do not settle for treating symptoms only but instead look to isolate and treat the source.

This site is for you to use as a reference to find out for yourself the truths relating to wellness.

There is a lot more to health than dieting and symptomatic relief. When one seeks health, one must seek to get as close to 100% as possible to a  properly running body with all the systems working well and in coordination with a healthy life style.


Nutrition plays a big role in a healthy lifestyle. It is a medically (Scientifically) proven fact that for pennies a day vital B vitamins can save your heart from heart problems leading to disease. It was stated in the Journal of the American Medical Association that, "These results support the view that current recommended dietary allowances for (folate and vitamin B6) are too low to provide optimal protection against cardiovascular disease and need to be revised accordingly for the population as a whole."JAMA February 4, 1998;279:359-364, 392-393.
We invite you to explore the true meaning of health as an optimal state. By knowing where normal function has gone awry, we can assist the body to strive back toward a balanced state.

To look deeper than quickie check ups do, we must look at what is actually normal and fill in the gaps left in a lot of today's HMO's. Please meet with your personal doctor and find the Health Plan that meets your objectives.

Read and utilize our online book "Body Restoration" to increase your awareness of how to take the guess work out of taking care of your body. In this exclusive book available only on MyVites.com you will discover each organ's Structure, Function, Symptoms and Causes of Malfunctions. There is also a section in each chapter on Prevention & Correction as well as specific nutrition in over 20 areas of your body covering all the major organs.

When we have all parts of the body working well together one can then say they are healthy.


It is no secret that you are looking for useful health products and answers. That Is the only way you would be here. Let me assist you by supplying a variety of routes and options.

Choose those you can best use to feel more alive and become healthier. Find the ones that you best feel you could make a go at and then succeed at that. One step at a time becoming healthier. Later try another that you are sure you could follow through on and add to these as you are certain you can. In this way you guarantee your solution will not become another problem, as you are now more in control of your health.

It is not recognized as possible to extend ones life span. BUT Abundant evidence exists that it's totally within our control to improve ones, "Health Span". This of course is the main reason to find out all you can on this site. Explore the site. Thus increasing your knowledge, Responsibility and Control- one by one. Many answers to the reasons why our bodies behave or malfunction the way t hey do are covered in our sections found on the margins above to the left and below. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your sharing this site with others you know who are close to you.

Your personal health choices should be easier to make if you are presented with easy to grasp scientific discoveries and vital facts. There is so much care we use choosing the best quality vitamin and health care products for our patients and now you. My hope is all the seminars and clinical experience I have may lead the way to an improved understanding for you in the routes of health.

Only you and your doctor can decide what is best for you. Remember You and your doctor.

So many aspects of our lives are of great importance. This includes Family, Fitness and Finances. When we get down to it a lot of us need to also create the correct emphasis on our Health.

MyVites.com Invites you to read about breakthroughs used successfully by Medical Doctors and Alternative Care Physicians.

We need to be properly educated on the rehabilitation of all aspects of our health falling below par.

What else is as important as your health? Proper Nutritional Balance is essential for a high level of Health, then we can be at our Best, Spiritually, Mentally, Physically...Take care of yourself and you will succeed !

Best Regards,

Dr. Neal Springer