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Body Guard Supreme

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Protects against electromagnetic fields and excess coffee with symptoms of Nervousness, irritability, panic attacks, anxiety, muscle twitching, insomnia, and or headaches.

In about 90%, those symptoms were normalized by Body Guard Supreme


For hundreds of years, if not more, Phyllanthus Fraternus has been used throughout South America, Central America, Africa, and Asia as a traditional treatment for many conditions.


BodyGuard Supreme

We have found about 40% our patients exhibit a positive test (to at least one of the 4 substances :caffeine which is metabolized into theobromine, paraxanthine and theophylline.

Avoid coffee, tea, yerba mate, chocolate, guarana, and cola

Because caffeine is metabolized into theobromine, paraxanthine and theophylline, any problem with any of the substances would implicate all of the plants as possible sources.


In about 90% of these patients, the test was normalized by BodyGuard Supreme and in about 75% by Basic B Complex (Thorne Research).

Takesumi Supreme (Supreme Nutrition) will normalize it about 40%.

In many of these cases , avoiding coffee, tea, yerba mate, chocolate, guarana, and cola for 1 month while taking 2 BodyGuard daily (and 2 scoops of Takesumi Supreme) and 1 Basic B normalizes thesituation and the person can re-introduce the "foods" in moderation after that.

They may or may not have to stay on the supplementation. A small % of people cannot re-introduce them and need long term avoidance. People that refuse to avoid the foods should take maintenance doses of Body Guard (or Takesumi) and Basic B.

BodyGuard Supreme - an ingested herb that appears to strengthen the body to make it more resistant to the effects of EMF۪s. At this point in time we do not know the mechanism but the applied kinesiology results are very impressive.

Over the years I have seen many gadgets sold to block EMF۪s by changing their patterns into less harmful ones, etc. These can include plug in items for a room or something you wear around your neck. Some of these will temporarily have positive muscle testing effects but I have found that after a week or two the patient just gets sensitive to the new changed field and on blinded applied kinesiology studies, they no longer work.

Another very impressive property of BodyGuard is that in people that didn۪t weaken on EMF۪s with muscle testing, it still strengthened the majority of them because of its many other properties. As a result we recommend it to most of our patients and feel it protects them in many ways.

Traditionally in the tropics, phyllanthus fraternus has been used in treatment of gall and kidney stones, malaria, diabetes, acute and chronic pain, infections, cystitis, prostatitis, tumors, and the list goes on and on.

In research over the years it has shown to be liver protective against different environmental chemicals, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, antilithic, lowers blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Studies at a medical school in Brazil showed that it promoted the elimination of kidney stones and it is sold today in pharmacies throughout that country for that purpose. It also helped block the formation of calcium oxalate crystals, thus it can possibly be used as a preventative to stone formation.

Studies on animals in India suggested it could be used to increase bile secretion and lower blood cholesterol levels.

It also has diuretic properties and studies in India showed it can thus decrease systolic blood pressure. Other studies suggested it could not only lower blood sugar but help prevent diabetic neuropathy.

Mice studies showed it can help reduce damage during chemotherapy and radiation and it increased the life span of mice with liver cancer by 65%.

Some studies suggest it is very useful as an anti-viral especially against hepatitis B (possibly A and C) and HIV.


During a long period of time I have shown intolerance against all kinds of fatty acids, both with AK and also when/after eating them. When eating oils, my stomach got upset and sometimes an ache occurred just over the liver area, sometimes in all the GI tract. I am very restricted when it comes to eating fish, due to its toxicity. Over time I started to show classic symptoms of lack of fatty acids. When I tested BodyGuard Supreme, it tested very well with AK, so I decided to take it. About a week or so after that, I tested good with fatty acids (Super EPA from Thorne Research) for the first time in months and it also works fine when I actually take it. No stomach upsets nor any ache over the liver area nor the GI tract.

Stefan Frank, Sweden


I really like BodyGuard Supreme. It allows me to eat other foods besides vegetables and fruit without any allergic reactions. Please send ASAP because I can sell the extras to other people who can use this product.

Julie Scher


I have been taking BodyGuard Supreme for about 6 weeks. Previous to taking it I would often react to taking vitamin and mineral and fatty acid supplements. They would often cause headaches and sore throats. I was also "allergic" to many foods- especially wheat and dairy and they too would cause migraines and sore throats if I ate them. I can now take vitamins regularly and eat wheat and dairy regularly without reacting to them. Body Guard has decreased my hypersensitivities by about 80%

Marlene Smith



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Special Info

Caffeine can also impair both short and long term memory

BodyGuard Supreme contains the herb Phyllanthus Fraternus.

As with any product, even Though BodyGuard Supreme is a food and NOT a drug it should be used with wisdom. Any drug or food or even water can be overused or abused.


Contra-indications: To be safe I would not prescribe this product during pregnancy as with most other herbs.

Because it can lower blood pressure and blood sugar: patients on anti-hypertensive drugs (also beta-blockers and other heart medications) or blood sugar lowering drugs may need careful monitoring or adjusting of the doses of their medications or you may not want to take BodyGuard in these conditions unless under qualified supervision.

It may also be contra-indicated in severely hypo-glycemic patients..

In many of these cases, avoiding coffee, tea, yerba mate, chocolate, guarana, and cola for 1 month while taking 2 BodyGuard daily ( & / or 2 scoops of Takesumi Supreme) and 1 Basic B (follow your testing) normalizes the test and the person can re-introduce the "foods" in moderation after that. .

They may or may not have to stay on the supplementation. A small % of people cannot re-introduce them and need long term avoidance. People that refuse to avoid the foods should take maintenance doses of Body Guard (or Takesumi) and Basic B..

The most common symptoms I see are locked up joints ("I woke up and my neck won't turn despite no trauma"), being prone to musculoskeletal injuries, sleeplessness, anxiety, cardiac symptoms (palpitations etc), adrenal weakness (mid afternoon fatigue, postural hypotension, etc), hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

Additional Information

Suggested Use

Patients should follow the advice of their healthcare practitioner when taking Phyllanthus or any other product. Doctors should familiarize themselves with the pharmacology, research, etc. We invite you to explore this site to become familiar with this amazing multi-purposed plant.

For my patients I have recommended:
1 cap three times daily if they weaken on EMF’s
1 cap one to two times daily once they stop weakening, as a possible preventative.

If it blocks chemicals or metals on AK testing or just strengthens “in the clear”, I tend to prescribe 1 cap three times per day or 2 caps twice daily.

If you are one who grew up in clean rural environments and now live in the city, it has been found to routinely test 3 to 4 caps daily

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